Android 12 FeatureS details leaked : The developer preview of Android 12 has already been made available for testing. Google will introduce this upcoming operating system at the annual I / O to be held from May 18 next month. Apart from Android 12, the company’s Pixel 5A 5G will also be launched in Google I / O. According to reports recently, this phone will be made available for sale only in the US and Japan.

XDA Developers has spotted some features of Android 12. However, these features are currently in testing phase. Not all features may be available in the stable version of Android 12. Come, know about 10 leaked features of Android 12.

Android 12 features

Scrolling Screenshots: According to the leaked report, the new operating system will get the scrolling screenshot feature, which will be the Extend form of the screenshot feature found in the current Android 11. In this, users will have the option to choose which part of the long screenshot and which part they do not want. Through this, only the essential part of the long screenshot can be saved by marking .

App Pairs:

App Pair feature will be added connecting two apps in the upcoming operating system. As the name suggests, through this feature, users will be able to open two apps at a time. Users will be able to choose the app they want to select through bubble tapping.

Wake Up Google Assistant Power Button:

Google is currently working on the wake up assistance button feature for the new operating system. The Google Assistant will be able to hold the power button in this new feature. This kind of feature is found in Samsung’s OneUI, in which Bixby becomes active when you hold the power button.

New Volume Control:

A new interface for volume control may be found in the new operating system. It has also been spotted before. Through this, the volume control button will look brighter than before.

App Drawer Opening Animation:

The next operating system will see the new App Drawer Opening Animation with Android 12 Launcher.

New Wi-Fi and Internet Settings:

New Wi-Fi and Internet Settings option can be seen in Android 12. A new connectivity features option has been found in the leaked developers preview. Google can rename it as Internet Quick Settings in its next operating system.

Quick control settings for the device:

Google introduced the Device Control feature with Android 11. In its next operating system, the company will integrate this feature with quick control tiles. Cards and passage menu will also be given in it.

Splash Screen:

In the leaked build of Android 12, a Splash Screen will be seen which will appear in the background of the app icon.

New Charging Animation:

The leaked build of Android 12 will see a new animation feature for phone charging.

Brightness Slider:

Changes will be seen in the brightness slider of Android 12, it will look thicker than before.