UPSC And Aadhaar Website hacked by hackers on Monday night 

There is a big question on internet security in the country. Hackers have hacked two major sites in a single day. Hackers hacked the site of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) official website on Monday night.


On the home page of the website, the picture of a cartoon character Doraemon was seen on which was written, ‘Doraemon!!! Pick up the call. ‘ At the bottom of this web page ‘I am Stupid ‘(I. M. STEWPEED) as well as the title Song of this cartoon serial was playing in the background. On the other hand, the Aadhaar site is also reported to be hacked.


There is a long debate in the country for the security of Aadhaar card. A few days ago, the Special Identification Authority of Indian (UIDAI) has said that it is working on face recognition technology (face recognition) for the Aadhaar and in the interim a report is being claimed that the software of the Aadhaar has been hacked.


This was not the first time that the authorities website was targeted by hackers. The Supreme Court of India’s website was hacked earlier in April within an hour of the apex court’s decision to dismiss pleas seeking an independent probe into the alleged mysterious death of special CBI assess BH Loya. The site had remained down for some time before it could be restored.


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