WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: WhatsApp keeps on delivering new features to its users from time to time, so that the user experience can be improved. The instant messaging app has recently added the Disappearing Message feature. This feature is available to both group and individual users. After turning on this feature, the messages sent by the user will automatically disappear later. These messages disappear in 7 days in individual or group chat. Messages sent before this setting have no effect.

Let us know that both of the users chatting can turn it on or off. The same is true in WhatsApp group chat, any group member can turn this feature on or off. However, the group admin can change the settings, after which only the group admin will get control to use this feature. Let’s know how we can turn this message on or off. Also Read : Oppo A94 5G launched with 8GB Ram

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: How To Enable Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature

Either of the two users chatting can turn on this feature. Chatting done after turning this feature on will disappear after 7 days.

Steps to Enable Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature

  • First of all, the user has to open WhatsApp chat.
  • After this, the contact has to click on the name.
  • Here below you will find the option of dispensing message, you will have to click on it.
  • After this you have to click on OK.

Now Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature has been turned on. Also Read : boAt launches Xplorer Smart Watch in India, Know about features

Keep these things to in mind for Enable Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature

  • If the user has not opened WhatsApp for seven days, the message will disappear. It may happen that the preview of the message is visible in the notification until you do not open WhatsApp.
  • If a message is repaired by quoting, the message will appear in the reply made even after the message has disappeared.
  • If the chat is forwarded to someone else before it disappears, this message will not disappear from that chat.
  • This message can also be saved by taking a screenshot.