MCQ On Indian Geography Part 1

Most Important MCQ on Indian Geography :-

1. Which of the following rocks is different from the remaining three on the basis of its mode of origin?

(A) Limestone

(B) Sandstone

(C) Shale

(D) Marble

Ans : (D)

2. Which of the following land forms is not associated with river erosion?

(A) Waterfall

(B) V-shaped valley

(C) Moraines

(D) Ox-bow lake

Ans : (C)

3. Which of the following latitudes is the longest?

(A) 23°N

(B) 66°N

(C) 0°

(D) 80°N

Ans : (C)

4. Two places on the same meridian must have the same— (A) Length of summer
(B) Length of winter

(C) Latitude

(D) Solar time

Ans : (D)

5. When it is 6.00 AM on 0° meridian, at the same time what time would be there in India?

(A) 6.30 AM

(B) 9.30 AM

(C) 11.30 AM

(D) 5.30 AM

Ans : (C)

6. Which of the following processes helps in the formation of rift valley?

(A) Seismism

(B) Faulting

(C) Folding

(D) Volcanism

Ans : (B)

7. Which of the following names is given to the planetary winds blowing between the tropics?

(A) Monsoon

(B) Polar winds

(C) Westerlies

(D) Trade winds

Ans : (D)

8. Which of the following cities is not located on Varanasi-Chennai rail-route?

(A) Hyderabad

(B) Nagpur

(C) Jabalpur

(D) Allahabad

Ans : (D)

9. Where is Dead Sea situated in the following continents?

(A) Europe

(B) Australia

(C) Asia

(D) Africa

Ans : (C)

10. Which of the following industries is most developed in the Great Lakes region of North America?

(A) Cement and Paper

(B) Steel and Engineering

(C) Film industry

(D) Textile and Chemicals

Ans : (B)

11. Which of the following group of countries is most famous for exporting wool and meat?

(A) Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

(B) Argentina, France, Chile

(C) Australia, Argentina, New Zealand

(D) New Zealand, Argentina, Italy

Ans : (C)

12. Which of the following soils is most suitable for the cultivation of cotton in India?

(A) Red soil

(B) Laterite soil

(C) Alluvial soil

(D) Regur soil

Ans : (D)

13. Which of the following state groups is the largest producer of iron-ore in India?

(A) Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar

(B) Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab

(C) Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh

(D) Bihar, W. Bengal, Orissa

Ans : (A)

14. Which of the following land forms is different from other three on the basis of the mode of origin?

(A) Fold

(B) Anticline

(C) Nappes

(D) Rift Valley

Ans : (D)

15. Which of the following land form is not associated with glaciation?

(A) Hanging valley

(B) Moraines

(C) Inselberg

(D) Drumlin

Ans : (C)





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