What is 5G technology and how it works.

What is 5G technology and how it works?

What is 5G technology and how it works : You must have heard the name of 5G Technology. Do you know what this technique is and how it works? It has been only a few years since 4G internet came in, and almost complete preparations have been made to launch 5G network in India. You may need to buy a 5G mobile very soon.

We are far behind in communication technology compared to other countries. In countries like China, America, Japan, Australia, Bahrain, South Korea, Canada and Germany, 5G internet has been used long back.

You might not know the difference between 4G and 5G. The speed of 4G is very high as compared to 3G. We all quickly access any information or file in our smartphone and computer. When 4G internet runs so fast, just think what will happen when 5G is launched in our country.

For your information, tell me “When 5G is launched in India, then internet speed is going to be 100 times more than 5G compared to 4G”. Due to this, our country will become stronger in every field like defense, medical and science.

What is the meaning of 5G and how it works?

5G is the Five Generation of Cellular Communication Technology. It is equipped with advanced technology in itself. In this, you will also get Lower Latency with Fast Downloading Speed.

Lower Latency is going to be very important for state-of-the-art IOT devices, self driving cars etc. In future all our devices will be based on this technology.

How 5G technology works

This network requires a new radio spectrum band. Small towers containing 5G wireless signals can be placed on house roofs or electric poles to transmit to large areas to get access. The 5G technology network works on the basis of five different waves that are millimeter waves, small cells, maximum, beamforming and full duplex.


It works as a data acquisition. Use of millimeter waves helps in transferring data at speed of 1 GB/-second. Due to its lower range this wave cannot pass through buildings or solid materials.

Speed ​​Sales:

Millimeter-wave may not function properly in blockages. Speed ​​cells act to relay millimeter-wave signals. In order to get a good 5G signal without any hindrance to the users, it is necessary to reach the signal of the main tower everywhere. To overcome this shortage, a lot of mini cell towers are erected at a short distance across the entire area.


Maximum is called multiple-input and multiple output technology. The heavier cellular traffic on towers can be managed and controlled by using this technology wave.


It monitors frequency sources. It is an application consisting of multiple elements which transmits the same signal at similar wavelength which further combines to form one antenna that is created by reinforcing the waves in a particular direction.

Full Duplex:

Full Duplex technology provides the ability to simultaneously send and receive the wireless signals to a one single spectrum channel at one single time. All cordless telephone systems are using this full duplex technology to transmit the signals. Full duplex sends the same load from both sides at a time.

What will be the speed of 5G internet?

What will be the speed of 5G internet

We have seen the speed of 2G, 3G and 4G internet. Now we are going to enjoy 5G internet speed in future. If we talk about 4G, then it gets speeds of up to 100 megabytes (100Mbps) per second.

Now in the coming time, internet speed of 5G to 10 Gigabytes i.e. 10Gbps is going to be available. It is going to be 100 times faster than the internet speed currently available.

Advantages of 5G Technology.

  • Talking about the benefits of 5G, the full HD movie will be downloaded in 3 seconds, meaning the speed of 20 GB per second will be available.
  • You can experience augmented reality in real time.
  • In 5G technology will prove to be better for virtual reality and automatic driving.
  • 5G is going to help a lot in the development of medical, infrastructure and manufacturing.
  • Lower Latency will be available in 5G network with fast downloading and fast internet speed.
  • Due to getting more bandwidth in it, you will be able to browse faster and download files faster.
  • Slow network will not be a problem when multiple i internet users are connected together.
  • Online streaming such as Youtube and Netflix will be able to watch in great quality and without buffering.

When will 5G technology arrive in India?

Right now the work of setting up a 5G network in India is going on very fast. Recently our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendar Modi has launched 5g services from Pragati Maidan, New Delhi in 13 cities of India successfully. The cities which get the 5g services first are Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Lucknow and Pune.

The test was also conducted by some of the renowned brands like Xiaomi for its speed which is a great success.

Also, after banning various Chinese apps by the Government of India, it is most likely to get 5G technologies in India all over soon



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