Customers of State Bank of India have old Magrift Debit Card. They need to replace this card in lieu of the new EMV chip debit card. This work can be done easily online.

But when you change it online, you are given several options of EMV Chip Debit Card from SBI. Of which you have to choose one. During this time if you have not taken care of one thing, you may have to spend unnecessary money.

Keep this thing in mind:
In fact, when you apply online to change your Magistrip Debit Card, you will be given an opportunity to convert it to one of the nearly 6 debit cards.

Keep  attention On Charges :
In this case, you have to see that these different debit cards come with different features. Because of this, their maintenance charge is more and less. Therefore, while changing the new EMV chip debit card, please select new debit card as per your requirement.

Indeed, the debit cards given here are prepared according to different needs. As you travel abroad, you can have a different card for your needs. Its annual maintenance charge is also high.

Similarly, the cheapest variant is Rupay Debit Card. In this case, while choosing a new EMV Chip debit card, keep in mind that you choose the card as per your requirement. Because unlike your needs, you may have to pay a non-essential maintenance charge after taking the card.

So, before finalizing the new debit card, get the information about the features and charges available in it.