State Bank of India Follow This New Rule Before Deposit Cash In to Account

Due to rising fraud in bank accounts, State Bank of India has taken stern steps to further protect the accounts. No  person will be able to deposit the funds in any other Person’s bank account. Whose account will be, he will be able to deposit money in his account.


When the income tax department asked for information about this, many people had said that they did not know who deposited these funds in their account, when the money was deposited in the accounts of many people during the blockade. These money are not theirs. In this regard, the Income Tax Department had requested banks to make such rules that no person can escape from their responsibility and accountability regarding the money deposited in their account.


This arrangement was also convenient for tire funding. Now the new rules of the bank will be able to stop them. However, the bank has also given the facility that in the special circumstances, the account holder’s permission letter (Authority) can deposit money in the account of another person.


This Authority can be of two types, either the account holder should be signed on the money depositing form, or by writing a permit letter from the account holder and taking his signature on it. It must be attached with the money depositing form.


In order to deposit money in any of the earlier accounts, only one form had to be filled. Cash money with that form was given to the counter clerk. He easily deposited it. Any person could deposit money in anyone’s account.


If the account holder has a green card and an Insta Deposit card, then any person can deposit money through this card in his account by going to the bank or cash deposit machine.


If you have internet banking in your bank account, you can transfer any account to it and transfer money to its account. Even if the account is not added, even a maximum of 20 thousand rupees can be deposited twice in a day.


A new arrangement has been made to facilitate account holders. No one in the account holder’s account will be able to deposit money against his will. ”


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