Swedish retail giant Ikea’s 1st India store to open tomorrow

The world’s largest furniture retailer, Ikea, will launch its shop in Hyderabad tomorrow.

All eyes are set on development because it will be the first enterprise of Ikea in India and the first of 2525 stores is planning to start the entire country by 2025. Here are some facts about the first phase of India’s Ikea.

Swedish retailer has invested more than Rs.1000 crores to keep its first foot in India. Located in the outskirts of Hyderabad, the 13-acre complex in Hitech City is built in the 400,000 square feet area and has more than 7,500 products. It is expected to welcome 60 lakh visitors in a year and will bring cheap Nordic-inspired goods and food in the country.

The action taken by Ikea is being seen as an effort to boost the growth of its sales against brand fatigue and to promote the growing competition of online retailers like Amazon.com Inc., outlets in industrialized countries like India Through opening

In Hyderabad, the Ikea Store is the first of the 25 outlets that open retail plans across the country by 2025. The company is studying the Indian market and is working on a detailed plan for more than a decade. Mumbai is known as the next city to welcome Ikea in the beginning of 2019, after which it is stored in Bangalore and Delhi. There is a possibility of coming next to Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and Pune.

Ikea has partnered with the urban clap and has hired more than 150 employees to offer payment distribution and assembly options to ensure that the model of self-assembling furniture damages its market in India Does not reach, which lacks a DIY culture to a large extent.

The retail giant biggest restaurant in the Hyderabad complex of Ikea – 1,000 seater and its menu will have a variety of options. The affordability of the food service has also been planned to meet the needs of the middle class, the primary goal of Ikea.

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