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Vodafone launches three new prepaid plans, with Daily 1.5GB data

Vodafone has introduced three new prepaid plans in India. These plans will be given to 1.5GB of data per day to customers.

Vodafone has expanded its portfolio with three new prepaid tariff plans in India. These new plans will be given to 1.5GB of data per day to the customers. After these plans Vodafone customers will have the option of Plans with 1.4GB, 1.5GB, 2GB and 3GB data.

The three new plans offered by Vodafone are Rs 209, Rs 479 and Rs 529 respectively. Vodafone already has plans with 1.4GB of data per day. These plans are of Rs 199, Rs 448 and Rs 509. There is a difference of only 100MB of additional data in the plan with 1.4GB data and 1.5GB data. At present Vodafone’s plans have been launched in selected circles.

A pre-paid plan for customers was introduced recently. The plan is 99 rupees. Customers will get unlimited calling benefits in this plan. This plan of Vodafone will be in line with Geo’s 98-rupee plan. However, with the calling of Geo’s plan, the benefits of data are also given.

Talk about Vodafone’s 99-rupee plan, it will have 1,000 minutes per week and 250 minutes of compulsion per day. It can be bought from the official Vodafone app. The validity of this plan is 28 days. The benefits of data or SMS in this plan will not be given to the customers.

On the other side, talk of Geo plan, in addition to unlimited voice calls in Geo’s 98-rupee plan, 1GB of data and 300SMS per day is given. The validity of this plan is also 28 days.

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