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Swami Vivekananda gave a very prominent speech on September 11, 1893

Swami Vivekananda gave a very prominent speech on September 11, 1893 at the World Religions Conference in Chicago (America). Whenever Vivekananda comes to mention, his speech is obviously discussed.

Read Swami Vivekananda’s world famous conversation…


American sisters and brothers,

My heart is full of great affection from you with this warm and warm welcome. I say thanks to you from the planet’s oldest saint tradition. I actually thank you from all the religions of the Mother and I show my gratitude to hundreds of thousands of castes, sects, hundreds of thousands of Hindus. Because of some of those speakers who said on this discussion board that the thought of tolerance in the world is distributing from the Far Eastern countries.

We are proud that I am from a religious beliefs that has taught the world the patience and tolerance of universal approval. We do not believe in universal tolerance only, but we accept all beliefs of the world as truth.

I am happy that I am from a country which has sheltered the troubled and persecuted people of all the countries and beliefs of this earth. We are proud to say that we have kept the sacred memories of these Israelis in their hearts, in whose religious places had been broken by the Roman intruders, and then they got shelter in South India. I am proud of the fact that We are from a religion that has sheltered the people of great Parsi religious beliefs and is still nurturing them.

Brothers, I would like to recite a few lines of one verse that I have remembered and repeated from childhood and which is repeated every day by millions of people: Because different streams from different sources finally get into the sea, In the same way, man chooses different routes based on his wish. They may look straight or crooked, nonetheless they go only to God.

The existing conference which is one of the most sacred events to date, is the proof of this basic principle as given in the Gita: Whatever comes to me, whatever it is, I reach it. Whether people choose any route, they reach me only by the end.

Communalities, fanatics and its horrific descendants, have been holding the Planet in their scales for a long time. This individual has filled the earth with violence. How many times has the earth redened with blood? How many civilizations have been ruined and how many nations have been destroyed.

If this were not a terrible monster, then the human society might have already been more advanced today, great its time has been completed. I sincerely wish that the conjunction of today’s conference will destroy all the dogmas, every kind of suffering, whether they are by blade or by the pencil and the malice among all humans.

Travel to Boston and Visit with John Henry Wright

After going to Chicago, Swami Vivekananda came to know that the religion has not received official permission to participate in the Parliament and only after the first week of Sept, the Parliament of Religions will begin. They decided to go to Boston for the middle period. In Boston, he met Steve Henry Wright, professor of Harvard University. Wright asked Vivekananda to give a speech at the University and was impressed by the speech.

When Wright came to know that Vivekananda do not have official authorization to join the religious beliefs parliament and there is no introduction letter then he said, “It is in the same way that you want to introduce your identity like the sun to shine in bliss The evidence will be asked. ‘

Meeting with Jamsetji Tata

Today, if the nation has an institution like the Indian Institute of Science, then its credit would go to Vivekananda. When Swami Vivekananda would definitely deliver the Chi town speech, he met Jamshedji Tata on the ship’s journey. Both of them talked about various issues and Vivekananda noticed that Jamsetji was going to The united states for a few new business ideas. Vivekananda advised Jamsetji Struktur to set up a steel factory in Indian besides opening a research and educational institute. He stated that this will develop the youth of the country and they will get an opportunity of employment. Jamshedji Tata got a great influence on this and he was determined to work on these two fronts. While applying it, he established the Indian Institute of Technology and opened the metal factory.


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