If you are searching information on the internet about how to earn money at home then this article must be useful for you. We are telling you about Top 10 Online business ideas that can help you to earn lakhs of rupees monthly.

The methods discussed here are all world top business online ideas. In today’s times, lakhs of people are doing business on the internet. One thing to be made clear here is that many people do scam on the internet to earn money. Many get caught due to these scammers and they don’t trust online business anymore.

Nowadays there is no shortage of companies who are already doing online business. Every company told users to register with them and earn money online. But this way doesn’t seem to be correct as there is no way that one can earn money without doing  any hard work.

Some companies get freeAccount first but when it comes to earning money then they told us to get premium membership. There is no guarantee that after getting premium membership, your business will get started. There are more chances that your money is going to some fraudsters and they are earning money instead of you. Hereby I’m telling you not to get involved in any fake website. If you really want to earn money online then do follow my Top 10 online business ideas.

Top 10 Online Business Ideas – Ways To Earn Money Sitting At Home

There are some very easy ways to earn money at home. But you have to do some really hard work for this. As you all know there is nothing you can do without hard work. I’ll give you really good ideas and you can search information about them on the internet. Because knowledge is a must for every task you do. 

Not everybody can do online business but if you go through the right path then you can definitely get success in any business you do on the internet.

How to do Online Business?

If you want to do online business and earn money then you don’t have to do much. You just have to pick one right idea in which you are interested in.

For example, if you want to do an ecommerce business then you have to have first knowledge of ongoing demanding products in the market. How you can sell your product online and how you make it successful, these are the must things that you have to know.

Online Business Ideas Without Investment

You must be thinking about how to earn money without investing any money. Here I’m telling you some ideas that can actually help to start business using little investment. The investment is only on the internet that we are using to do business. Here are some ideas:

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube Videos
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Click Ads
  6. Paid Online Surveys
  7. Sell E-books
  8. CPA
  9. Content Writing
  10. Other Online Money Earning Ideas

So, these are the most famous online business ideas that you just read and now we are going to talk about them in detail about what we need and how we can do these businesses.

What do we need to start Online Business?

I hope you all know about business orientation. In fact we must have knowledge of every business we are about to do or we want to do. So, here are few things that you need when doing online work:

  • E-mail Id
  • Internet Connection
  • A Laptop or Smartphone
  • Domain Name

Way to do Online Business

There are plenty of business ideas available on the internet  that can help you start a business. But here we are going to talk about some popular, easy and successful ideas that grow faster as you do work hard.

Now, let’s read carefully the business ideas that I’m going to talk about and then you can choose any that suits your interest.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular and successful method to do online business. This is the easiest method to do work. You just have to have full knowledge of it and write articles about any topic you can write. Blogging gives you name and fame both. You can blog in any of the languages you are perfect in or comfortable in. You can start blogging by creating a free blog website and publishing your articles there. I’ll give you some tips regarding blogging and how to do business with it.  Also Read : How to apply for passport in India

  • First decide the topic or subject you are interested in or in which you have knowledge to share.
  • Then gain as much information as you can about the selected topic from the internet.
  • Create a free blog website on Google.
  • Publish articles on a regular basis.
  • Share your blog as much as you can and increase traffic on site.
  • Apply for Google Adsense Account when you have lots of traffic on your blog.
  • After approval of Google Ad Account, add google ads on your posts.
  • When any visitors click on ads then your earning starts.

To create a blog website, publish articles, increase traffic and then earnings from blogging business takes a year or two. So, just have to keep doing it and have patience until the business takes off successfully.

2.Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing is another best method to earn money by staying at home. You can record a video and upload it on youtube. As you also have seen many videos on youtube that contain ads when played. Actually those ads are the way of earning money. You also have to do the same thing that is create a new youtube channel and connect it to the Youtube Partner Program and then upload your video. By connecting your google adsense account to youtube channel and then monetize the video to earn. So, whenever any visitor plays your video then google ad will first start in video which starts your business to earn money.

But there is no easy way to earn money on youtube as it has some strict privacy policies for it’s videos. You can not copy paste content from other videos as youtube doesn’t allow same content. So, you must have vast knowledge of whatever topic you want to make a video. Your video content must be unique to avoid suspension due to plagiarism. Instructions to start Youtube Video Marketing business are:

  • Create Youtube Account or Channel
  • Upload Video
  • Monetize your Video
  • Increase rank of Youtube Channel

3.Affiliate Marketing

If you have any blog or youtube channel then you can join affiliate marketing programs and earn lakhs of rupees. There are thousands of companies which offer affiliate programs. Let’s learn more about these affiliate programs and how to earn from them:

For example, if you have an online shopping website and you want to promote your site and it’s products then you have to join an affiliate service. You have to mention complete information in your affiliate service program that how much commission you will give to promoters and to those who sell your products. After that when any website owner or blogger who joins your affiliate programs, you have to give them your product links, texts or other product  offer links. 

Now the question arises that by what means you will earn from these affiliate programs. The answer is that when another blogger places your provided links or banners in their website and some other visitor visits their site & clicks on your ad to reach your site and then purchases any product then you have to pay commission to that site owner or blogger. So, that’s how affiliate marketing works.


To do work from home, freelancing is the best option for it. In today’s time, there are millions of freelancing opportunities on the internet. You can take work from multiple companies at a time and deliver them on time to earn. You can show and explore your hidden talents & skills via freelancing and earn lakhs of rupees by staying at home. These are some freelancing work you can try at home: Also Read: Whatsapp Tips And Tricks: How To Enable Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Creation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Provide Teaching Materials
  • Content Writing

There are multiple websites available on the internet which provide freelancing work and are certified companies too. If you have any skill that can help you earn money then register yourself on these websites and start working. Here are some websites on which you can try registering

Top 10 Online Business Ideas – Ways to earn money sitting at home

5.Click Ads

There are many websites on the internet who give you money in exchange for clicking on Network advertisements. This online business of clicking ads on websites actually gives you a lot of money. You have to register yourself for such websites then click on ads which redirect to a new tab. Then you have to stay at that ad page for a minute or two. Before registering on these websites make sure these are not fake websites.

There are many fake websites who told you to click their ads but didn’t pay you according to work. So, beware of such fake work sites. People who know less about the internet can do this clicking ads work and increase your income. Here are some examples of such websites from which you can start your work right away.

6.Paid Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are also the best option to earn money online. On paid surveys sites register yourself for free and complete the provided survey & earn money. As for this work, you don’t need to have any special skill nor to do much hard work. You only have to fill your personal opinion to the survey questions. The site owner will pay you for filling the survey form. You might be thinking that why someone will pay you only for filling a form, how it will be beneficial to them.

Then you have to know that they also earn a lot of money from these filled out survey forms. They provide you the commission as your pay to fill that form. For example, there are companies who conduct surveys for their product opinion, feedback and to collect market research data. The companies hire some people to do surveys and then further you will get money to fill that survey form in the form of a commission.

Few Best Paid Online Surveys Websites:

7.Sell E-Books

Selling E-books is also the best option to earn money by staying at home. E-book is electronic books also called digital books. You must have seen e-books on the internet which sell paid as well as free books. You can see examples of e-books on tutorials point websites. There are plenty of examples. 

PDF format is the most reliable and famous format of e-books. You can write e-book either on desktop or on laptop or on mobile too using Microsoft Word software. If you can write a book then you can do so and sell it on various e-books websites.

Some of e-books websites are: Top 10 Online Business Ideas


If you are thinking about earning money by working at home but you don’t have much knowledge of the internet. As you don’t understand what type of online work you can do at home. Then for that CPA work is much efficient to do. But first you must have knowledge of what is CPA and how we can do it.

CPA is much likely to be the same as affiliate marketing work. CPA is the abbreviation of Cost Per Action. In CPA, publishers generate leads for the company. In affiliate marketing, users can get commission on product sales but in CPA money earned from user actions.  User action means we have to provide mobile numbers and emails to the company & in return the company will pay you.

Some of the best CPA network websites are:

9.Content Writing

If you are a student and want to earn money by doing online work then content writing can be a bigger opportunity for you. If you have good writing skills then you can be a good earner as a content writer.

Many popular bloggers and website owners paid for their content writing over site. You can write about any topic and can sell it as a blog on websites.

  • Best websites for content writer:
  • iWriter
  • LinkedIn
  • Hirewriters
  • Flexjobs
  • Textbroker
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork

10.Other ideas for Online work at home

As I already told you about various ideas of online earning. You can choose any idea as per your interest and skill. There are some other idea that you can check too to earn money by doing online work at home.

  • Online Trading
  • Selling skills
  • Data entry jobs
  • Virtual Assistants

So friends, these are the Top 10 Online Business Ideas to do work in which you are skilled and interested & these can help you earn money by staying at home. You can share your ideas too that can help others.  So, train your mind and start earning right away by doing what you are good at.