Wix Email Forwarding 2022

What is WIX?

Wix is a fastest growing tool to create websites in an easy manner. Wix dashboard provides a fully professional and functional tools to create a website.

One can easily promote their business, or product via wix to millions of customers. With the help of wix email forwarding tool, you can send newsletters, product details, and other promotional events of your business via email to your customers.

Custom email address is a necessary product for your business as customers can easily remember you by your custom email related to your domain or it also helps in believing people that they are making the right choice when checking email.

Nowadays, every developer or web designer uses wix builder to make their websites and it hosts more than 180 million sites. There are more than 100 free website themes available in wix to use for every beginner. It’s in-built manufacturing tools for image and content functionalities makes it easier to use and customize.

Why WIX?

Their easy to use and customizable themes and formats makes it worthy for every new and experienced user to create website of any requirement like online store, marketing business, 

Informational websites etc. The Wix App Market helps every genre that is developers, designers, musician, photographer or restaurant owner or any other working professional grow their business and idea into a beautiful world of websites.

WIX Email Forwarding 2022

To have an email address same as your domain name is a professional and effective method of promoting your product. A business email always gives a professional belief of your business mind. 

So, first choose a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to type when in need for yourself and for your customers as well. Take the domain and add it to the wix dashboard & register for a new custom email address. 

Follow the following simple steps to create custom email address in wix:

  1.  Create your own website.
  2.  Pick the Premium Plan that fits your needs.
  3.  Connect your domain to your website.
  4.  Click on Purchase Mailbox.
  5.  Pick how many Mailboxes you want.
  6.  Choose a subscription and complete your purchase.

After the complete setup, you can access your email address from any of your device gmail apps. With Wix, you can get Gmail workspace for your team and individual members. This is also the best and professional way to show your customers that they are connecting with the right people.

WIX Pricing

Wix dashboard pricing mainly divides into two variations that is website plans and business plans which further divides into VIP to combo and premium plans. One can purchase wix plans as their need of monthly and annual subscriptions.